Filipino dating site

Many people have actually said so that dating Filipino women is different from dating women from any other part of the world. They are some of the warmest and most welcoming people on earth. At our site, you can find Filipina girls who are single and interested in the date of befriending western people. 

Why choose us: In case you want to keep your identity personal, we give our members complete privacy and the privilege to upload discreet photos that only limited people of your choice can view. This feature gives the members the opportunity to hide their personal content like photos in their private galleries and prompt you permission seeking messages if other people are wanting to view them. It is like a request is sent to you if someone is trying to access your photos. They can view them only with your permission.

You can customize your profile like changing the background of your choice. So many other things that you can do with your profile include adding podcasts, adding music and other creative features that you can explore on your website. 

In this era that needs security and privacy, we also allow you to connect with your partner through calls and such audio conversations are completely private. Your phone number will also be hidden from all and visible to only those whom you give permission to. We facilitate VOIP calls and internet calls. Similarly, we provide video calls facility for face to face communication. After all, many will be comfortable to know someone better after knowing their body language and facial features in a much better way.

Other entertainment sources include fantastic and flash games in case you are bored sometimes. You can play such games with your crush and make some happy memories. 

Another very interesting feature is the hot or not rating where we provide user experience and our users can rate them if the girls are hot or not. We will try to understand your preferences and suggest more people of your type. 

So join us now. The simple steps you have to follow are:

  1. Create a profile by adding a photo and something about your personality.
  2. Browse Philippine singles photos with a range of preferences and settings.
  3. Start communicating!

Register now and gain some of the best dating experience you have had so far. No one knows what may turn out to be serious at any moment. 


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