How to Boost Your Sex Life: Turning Your Woman On

Sex is more of a total mind and body experience for ladies. So you’ll need more than just a physical technique to turn your woman on.

That is to say, having a decent appearance, good figure, and bed skills can only go you so far. If you want to know how to boost your sex life, let’s have a look at some wonderful techniques to assist your lover’s arousal levels in rising – and it all begins before you go into bed.

Flatter Her

It’s safe to assume you think she’s pretty, so tell her! It’s pointless to keep those praises to yourself. Of course, be sincere and honest, but do not be scared to flatter her.

To get turned on, women must feel appealing, and your well-timed complimentary remarks can assist with that. Tell her she’s lovely, how much you enjoy her dress, how soft her skin is, how fashionable, clever, funny, or smart she is — whatever you want (as long as it’s true).

Make her feel gorgeous, and the increase in self-esteem will help her turn on. Consider it all good foreplay, which may begin as early as your first message or words of the day.

Show Interest and Good Conversation

Only your body language can get you so far. It’s cliché, but most women, generally, enjoy talking. As a result, mastering the art of communication may also be quite beneficial.

Perhaps conduct some background check on the issues she appears to be enthusiastic about so you can have more to chat about the next time you see each other.

Talking About Sex

If the issue of sex comes up, address it in a lighthearted manner. Just don’t talk about it all the time because your single-mindedness may come across as unappealing.

According to a sexology course in Singapore, flirty text messages can also assist in putting her in the appropriate frame of mind. “I have been thinking about you nonstop,” for example, isn’t too specific, but it’s enough to tell her subtly that she is on your mind.

As you start to know her better, you may notice that your conversations contain more innuendo, suggesting sex is on her head. But, once again, don’t go too far and don’t be too explicit.

Because sex is such a cerebral experience for ladies, the suspense may be as thrilling as the experience itself. Don’t hurry things. This dialogue stage, where you get to know one other, may be just as exciting as touching.

Touch Her

Brushing her arm, making a point by touching her, and making random contact may be incredibly thrilling. You’re instilling the desire to be physically near, which is a huge turn-on. However, everything should be done in moderation. Allow her to expect your hands rather than continually touching her.

Once you’ve introduced casual touching and it’s comfortable for both of you, you should consider more intentional actions. Brush a few lint off her clothes or tuck her hair behind the ear. These actions move things a step ahead.

Stay away from intentionally contacting her erogenous zones (neck, breasts, etc.) until sex isn’t okay yet. These regions are dangerous and could make a girl uneasy unless you are already kissing and approaching the next phase.

Create the Right Atmosphere

The key is the atmosphere. The certain atmosphere would be based on the woman, so watch out for her signals, conversation likes and dislikes. An energetic, sweaty dance club is the ideal place for flirty entertainment for some. Flowers and candles at home are excellent starters to a sexual night for other women.

It is no wonder that numerous women have a more difficult time having climax than men. Hopefully, adding effort towards building her excitement and arousal, both physical and mental, would make her reach orgasm. Then the two of you would be rewarded for your effort and thoughtfulness.


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