Sexual positions that women don’t like.

There are certain sexual positions that women only like on the action movie screen – this … very sharp action. We dare not say that women do not like sex – they like it and no less than men, but there are certain positions that do not give women any pleasure and simply do not like them. Of course, they test many positions because they like creativity in bed but …

There are positions that women like to watch – and that’sall. They do not like acrobatics in bed, because they focus on staying on their feet (or hands!) And not on mere pleasure.

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Exactly. There is one “but …” – actually not one but a few (fortunately the list isextremely short).

Reverse cowgirl – most women really like being upstairs, but … not in this position. It does not give a woman any pleasure (yes, we realize that it is also about your pleasure and excites you to see jumping buttocks in front of your eyes when you lie comfortably with your arms behind your head, but … it’s an option for a moment – with dedication specially for you). It gives no pleasure to a woman, nor does it stimulate the G-point oreven the clitoris – what is worse, the penis can slip atany moment, causing you pain.

69 – is a position that only LOOKS. This is where its benefits end. Imagine that a woman gives you a blow job and you have to focus on the phone conversation with your boss … Do you know what we want to tell you? That a woman, when you do herwell, wants to fully devote herself to the relaxation and pleasure that you give her, does not want to do anything else at that time! Believe that he will repay you, but for now – he wants to focus only on himself – for this brief moment.

Legs behind the head – another item taken from the sharpest pornols … Imagine that women do not like to bend in half during sex. Are you aware that only 30% of women can achieve vaginal orgasm? Why do we mention this? And because during this position, if your partner cannot achieve vaginal orgasm … she will not achieve any …

Standing – there are many positions that can be played “standing”, but we mean the one specific. When a woman transfers all her body weight to her partner, she jumps on him and wraps her legs around his hips. Many women wonder how you can keep an erection in such a position and how it excites you a tall !?If you want a good work out and hard training, go to the gym! If you do it to impress a woman – thengive up.


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