The art of enjoying it with your customer

Sex can be a fun factor for any client. For escorts, it is important to try out new things so the customer can enjoy it best. Just for your reference, there certainly is no healthy tips for having best sex time with your man. You have to ensure that you are creative with your customer.

Try the art of sex toys

One of the best ways to trigger fire is to try and implement sex toys in your session. There are several escorts who always make use of sex toys to please their customer. You can make best use of these toys to masturbate in front of your customer.

Apart from this, you can also implement vibrators and dildo for having better sex session with your partner.

Try it over the cam

To make the session more effective, you can ask the customer to record the entire sequence of your masturbation. This will make him more eager to discover more of you. A nice masturbation session before getting fully involved in sexual activity with your customer can keep him engaged for long time.

Always ensure that you bring in dirt talks

Just having a pure session of sex may never be entertaining and fun factor for your customer. Most men like Milwaukee escorts if they get involved in dirty talks with them. The moment you are enjoying your photogenic masturbation session you can ask the customer to talk dirty with you. In the meanwhile, you can also exchange dirty talks with him. This will keep the spirit alive in both of you.

Take full control of the situation

Men often prefer engaging escort girls who can take full control of any situation. You can ask your man to touch your private parts when you are still masturbating on the bed. You can also try and change your position to up-side-down when masturbating. At times bed humping can add lots of fun factor during sexual session.

Try and fantasize

To trigger more fire, ask your customer to fantasize more about having sex with you. To ensure that the fire keeps on going you can also include some time watching porn live on video.

Watching porn together can add lots of fun as men enjoy the company of escorts who get involved in watching porn with them.

Always ensure that your man also likes to be entertained so you can ask him to accompany you for the masturbation session. No matter what you do always ensure that being a professional Milwaukee escorts, you have to learn to take control.


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