A few simple rules for creating a profile on dating sites like Luvfree and OkCupid.

Today online dating is no longer something unusual, for a long time now, this is a really good way to find someone. Many people even got married thanks to these long-distance relationships. If you’ve never tried dating online, you can try one of the many personals and dating sites out there, but be sure to choose those where you can find a serious partner and not a one-night stand. Well, at least try. We also made a small instruction for you on how to create a good profile.

If you sign up on a dating site with the sincerest intentions and write an honest profile about yourself, it does not mean that others did the same.

Moreover, the likelihood of disappointment is quite high: according to statistics, 57% of users lie about themselves in the profile description, and 67% of men are already married.

Many people are looking for free dating sites, but even on paid ones, it is not necessary to use the paid features. Of course, the site will have many restrictions, but at least you will understand whether this paid service is right for you or not. 

It’s also worth noting that Americans who have used online dating services are often remaining disappointed (45%) rather than satisfied (28%) after their experience. In general, try to find a date on the Internet at your own risk: there is no ideal option on how to choose the right site for you and not miscalculate.

How to create a nice profile on a dating site or app:

  • Upload more than one photo: this will help to better represent yourself and show how you look in real life at your best. But remember not to overdo it: 3-4 photos are just enough.
  • Do not upload erotic photos if you aim to search for serious relationships. This will attract people for a short time (and even then, candidates can be very specific), but will not help you achieve your goal.
  • Make sure it’s only you on the photo, don’t post pictures from a family event or a party where it will be difficult to find your face in the crowd.
  • At least one phrase in your profile should be suitable so that a potential partner can catch on to it and be the first to start a conversation. For example, indicate that you love or hate some hobby, movies, leisure activities – perhaps this will be an occasion to discuss your preferences.
  • Don’t lie about your personality in the description of the profile, even if people believe in it, you will still have to maintain this self-created image. 

You will be wasting your time and energy that you could instead have spent building strong and sincere relationships.

  • Try to stay short and informative in the description about yourself, highlight your main qualities and interests without going into unnecessary details.
  • Decide what kind of relationship you are looking for and what qualities you would like or would not like to see in your partner. This will not only save your time but also help potential candidates feel more confident.

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