A Former Escort’s Tale on Leaving Escort Industry

A Former Escort’s Tale on Leaving Escort Industry

When the water level rises above your neck, there is only one thing you can think of that time is life supporting aid – may be oxygen cylinder. The first time when I get the same feeling while working in escorts industry, I instantly decided to quit this industry and thought to build an alternative of income resource – exactly my oxygen cylinder!

I am Samantha (imaginary name), a 28 years old female and an independent girl who was into the business of sex and prostitution before I turned an Author & Writer. I was associated with Boss Manchester escorts as an independent escort girl. Sex work or you may call as escort industry in a professionalism manner is a contentious topic. Some countries treat it as an illegal activity while in many countries it’s been counted in their GDP. Can you imagine the differentiation? A part of the debate goes around the profession of escorts.

Well, I remember the first time when I sold sex was a single traumatic incident while living in Manchester. I had to do it to provide a birthday gift to my son. At that point in time I was incapable of arranging a gift for my son. I was alone and in a terrible state of mind. My whole world was shattered into pieces and I left with only one option.

I met a man who was a friend of my friend, he during a coffee meeting explained the enormous amount of opportunity in selling sex to me. That day we talked about the role and industry in length and breadth. After returning home, I almost spent whole night in figuring out the pros and cons of this profession. But back of my mind I was aware that beggars can’t have choices. So, I went that night with nothing and came back home with a handsome amount of $300 which was not a bad deal on the very first day.

They say once you smell blood, you’re like a Pit Bull. I am in exact situation where I was the Pit Bull. The money was continuously flowing, and I was able to accomplish each of my desire. With the money earned during my services as an escort, I was able to afford a house, a car and a decent investment for future along with good taking care of my child.

When everything was going as per my own script, I suddenly realized the fear of exposing in front of my son. The fear was constant and terrifying me day and night. After giving a lot of thought, I finally decided to give up my most successful career as an escort. I could take this decision because of the money saved from this profession only. That time I was confident that I have enough money to start a venture. The first step towards leaving that profession was writing a book, and what else can be more intriguing than this, I thought on the back of my mind.  Book Cheshire escorts model girls for top class services in city.