All You Need To Know About Camming As A New Viewer

If you are new in the camming world, this guide is perfect for you. No matter whether you are a performer or a viewer, as far as camming is concerned we have covered everything you should know.

What exactly are cam sites?

In simple words, cam sites are adult websites that work as a platform for cam models to showcase their work. These are very different from porn sites, since they stream live footage of models, and viewers get a chance to communicate and interact with cam girls during the session.

Viewers are free to give their suggestions. However, it is up to the model whether they want to accept the request or not. There are both, paid and free, cam sites on the internet.

Well, there are practically countless cam sites, yet finding a secured one can be a task. For this, we believe in trusting genuine websites like Camonster. The website is managed well and getting in touch with the models is easier compared to other websites. You can find more about Camonster and its review on Dudethrill anytime.

Camming etiquettes

Now since you have a pretty good idea about what a cam site is, next you need to understand how to use one and have fun in the process. As a viewer, you need to know a few tips that can help you impress a cam girl, and thereby have a great camming experience. So, here is what you need to do…

1.   Behave like a gentleman

It is not difficult to guess that cam girls are mostly dealing with the biggest perverts on the internet. Thus, to make yourself stand out, try being the perfect gentleman. Be polite and say hello rather than jumping on the topic. Next, introduce yourself properly, ask her about her day, filter your words well, etc.

2.   Address your cam girl by her real name

Performers usually use a pseudonym, but you can find their real name in their profile. Addressing them properly will earn you some points for sure. They will surely appreciate the effort.

3.   Actively engage in conversations

Remember you aren’t watching porn, and the performer on the other end is offering some live action. So, don’t just sit in front of your screen, instead try to interact with her. Every cam girl wants to feel special, and you can do so by showing them that they have your complete attention.

4.   Tip generously

Usually, a cam girl is talking to multiple people in her room, and thus tipping is the only way to get her special attention. A bigger tip is a better tip.

5.   Clean up well

Just because you are interacting with a girl on screen, it doesn’t mean you have to look like trash. It is recommended you look presentable. After all, who wouldn’t like to talk to someone well-dressed?

6.   Be respectful

You want to talk dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. Don’t simply start talking like a horny teenager without brains. A cam girl is a real person, treat her like one.

7.   Say Goodbye

Most participants leave the room without even bidding goodbye. Well, this is insulting and disrespectful in many ways.

Learning how to use cam sites will prove to be helpful in many ways. Also, don’t neglect the idea of treating a cam girl decently.


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