How Do I make Billion Dollars in New Delhi

Life has shown me numerous colors when I came to my sense of maturity. I am a person from a rural area close to Delhi. Coming from a low-income family, it has been tough for all time in every aspect. Every day became a challenge where my parents keep working at different places to make a healthy living and strive hard to make both ends meet. By seeing them, I felt many times to start earning, which is not possible for me at that time. With small savings and earning as I too keep working in spare time made us move to this city, which is a dream city for many of us, New Delhi. 

The twist in life:

After entering the city, we struggled for shelter and one-time bread and butter. I reached 18, which made me more confident and started supporting my parents, who took care of me these many days and years. I began to keep working in the cleaning department of small hotels. I came to know about escorts services. Initially, I was not aware of the escorts and escorts services in our village, I hardly come across such stuff. 

A new era in life: 

I started gathering information regarding this job, it sounds hard and tough, but it can only give me more money in very less time. This made me excited and got connected to this job. So, I decided to take up this job and started providing services. The new page in my life began; I felt proud as I began making some good money without any problem. I was not treated as a sex worker or a prostitute who was bound in the four walls under the dim lights. I was called for the job to spend time with my clients for what they spent handsome money for giving a quality of time. It is not all about making sex, and earning it is beyond the body matters. In short, I started making handsome money, which I keep hiding from parents as they have a lot of questions, which was a bit irritating to answer all the time.

How Do I work?

I keep working and providing the services; sometimes, I move along with the client to their party pubs and social meetings. They used to pay more money for these services. I moved to a new house. I started taking care of my parents and easily cope up with their medical facilities. The confidence level is on a different level when we can earn money. Different types of clients demand different services. The work became day by day, more interesting. I noticed the same clients do ask for me again, which helped to make more money. The relationships with the clients helped in making good money. No sooner, I became the most demanding escort service provider. I look back into my life where I hardly find good clothes to cover my body. Now by providing the services, I can make a good living and start taking care of my parents easily.


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