Save Urban Romance Romeo & Juliette an Urban Romance Series

In the current times, the way we talk to each other, the way we treat each other and even our relationships are so much affected with the media. The movies and shows that we see have a great influence on us and how we react. Even in our relationships, we are treating our partners the way it is shown in the movies and shows. However, the movies and shows have lost the essence of love, the language of love is forgotten and respect is also misplaced.

To bring back the rise of urban romance and respect, Romeo and Juliette, was created to inculcate the sense of respect, true language of love and the purity of love into the generations. With the content that the people are watching now, the true love is vanishing.

Romeo and Juliette, is a series of Urban Romance, it is a story of two people who are deeply in love with each other. The couple has economic and social problems yet they put in all their effort to stay united and to leave behind their differences. Romeo and Juliette, is not like an old romantic story but it is a journey of love, lust, betrayal in a very seductive way.

The story takes quite a few twists and turns, Romeo has to actually prove his love to Juliette after finding out the real face of Juliette’s father. “I love you” is not enough to prove his love.

The man of coming up with series is to ensure that people have healthy relationships and families because the idea of relationships in the modern media is losing all the love and respect.

The creator of this story, Phoenix, focuses upon commitment, passion and love, in a relationship. The creator moreover focuses upon the language of love that the partners need to have to express their love to each other.

Some benefits of Romeo and Juliette are as follow:

a) Support a predominantly African American cast

The cast of the series is African American which gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents. The cast is super talented and they are putting in all their effort so that the people can actually see and feel the emotions. With their mazing display of talents, the future generations and the youth right now will have a redefined definition of love, full of depth, commitment, passion and respect.

b) Urban love and depth

Love in the modern times, is not considered to be very deep and a lack of commitment is observed. The creator redefines the urban love with the true language of love, commitment and respect. The viewers will also get a lesson to never give up on their loved ones no matter what they go through.

c) Great music

Not only is the series very amazing but the music is also very great. If you are into music then you will surely enjoy the amazing music that has been added to this series of love.

d) Entertainment

When you get tired of the same monotonous routine then you do need something different to be entertained with. With this series, you will surely enjoy your leisure time.

The series Romeo and Juliette requires support for success. With your support, the quality of production can be saved. Until now, the cast and crew, has a small budget with which it is not possible to improve the quality of production. The team aims at creating the one of its kind series and your support will help them in achieving their goal. Only with your support, the team will able to create and produce the first episode of the pilot episode. With the production of the first episode, the team will further raise capital to produce three more seasons which will have twelve episodes each. The greater your support, the greater will be the quality of the content produced. With high quality first episode, the team will be able to further provide you with amazing content which you will love watching.

This series of a love story will definitely become your favorite series to watch so make sure that you show all the support. You will not only enjoy the amazing story but you will also love the great music.



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