Taking the Mystery Out of Fuck Buddy Sites

One of the main reasons why fuck buddy sites like findafuckbuddy.net have been breaking out all over the United States and gaining all sorts of traction is because there’s a sense of mystery around them. You really don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what’s around the corner, so to speak. This is why people would join. Of course, they would join under aliases or pen names.

Be that as it may, it’s as if all these dudes are wearing masks and they’re trying to figure out what’s really going on at fuck buddy sites. Well, here’s a spoiler, you’re not really having sex with fuck buddies because, strictly speaking, you only have a fuck buddy when you are having sex with a real friend.

This is a friend that you’ve known for quite some time. This is a person that you’ve known for many years and who seems to know you at a very deep level, and you’re taking that to the next level by having sex with that person. It’s mutual and it’s rooted in a place that is very awkward emotionally.

Now, in the beginning, it’s very easy to get excited about having a fuck buddy because you tend to get your cake and eat it too. But if things become awkward all of a sudden, you have to understand that you stand to lose not only somebody who you have sex with, but somebody you are actually close to. This is the worst kind of loss because friends are hard enough to make as it is. Can you imagine losing a friend just because you got horny or both of you just wanted to bang each other?

So do yourself a big favor and think hard about what you stand to lose instead of just focusing on the temporary gains that you get because, let’s face it, you just want the piece of ass. You could probably get that from time to time from other sources. Why jeopardize real friendship?


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