The most common types of escort in Germany

Throughout all of German history, prostitution has never been considered a criminal offense, and it was an essential part of mainstream culture. German society is confident that the legalization of prostitution and escort services helps reduce the number of criminal sex acts, called rapes. At all times, expensive prostitutes were welcome guests at important social events.

How does it work

Firstly, you need to do a little research to find an escort agency with a good reputation in your city. You can type, for example, escorts in Frankfurt in Google, and you would see a lot of ads dedicated to escort services.

The potential client must decide if he wants to hire girls from a particular agency or maybe he prefers to deal with an individual escort. Both variants are suitable; all depends on your priorities.

Contacting an escort agency is the safest option because conscious companies care about the quality of services and customer satisfaction. They carefully select sex workers to find girls who match their high standards.

The individual escort is cheaper, but the quality of services is often lower. Of course, it’s not always true, because sometimes some experienced ladies in Germany break the contract with the agency to increase their earnings. Some call girls can’t get a job in the company; they work alone.

When you think about hiring an escort, we recommend trusting your instincts and choosing the prostitute you like.

The types of escort services in the country

Organizations in Germany offer services for every taste and budget:

  • Straight escort. This service is suitable for people with traditional sexual preferences. The man can choose a luxury lady for intimate pleasures.
  • Gay and transgender escorts. In German, escorts are people of all sexual orientations and different genders. Gay male escorts, gay female escorts, bisexual escorts, and transgender escorts are available.
  • Fetish and fantasy experiences. People interested in vanilla sex choose a prostitute according to their physique. If you have special requirements, including fetish and fantasy sexual games, you need to select partners not by appearance but by the list of services provided. Hundreds of niche agencies operate in major German cities.

There is a proper escort for everybody’s needs. You can ask the girl to show documents for proof of age to make sure that you are dealing with an adult woman. In any case, paying for sexual services is normal in developed European countries.


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