The Start of a Good Chat: How It Is Done

A profile interests you but a small detail does not suit you (smoke, animals, clothing, musical tastes, etc.)? Do not zap. If you were to create your profile multiple times, it would probably never be completely similar. Isn’t there something you hesitated to put? Do you really like jazz? Is the metal music you listen to rather trash or melodic? Do you smoke five packs a day or an evening cigarette every now and then?

If the 성인용품점   profile is intended to provide information about it, it should be more of a gateway to discussion than an end in itself to be considered as it is. In this kind of situation, the best thing to do is to ask the question directly to the person concerned. His answer could reassure you and you will then consider that you have done well to do so rather than throwing the profile into the background.


There is no shame in contacting several people at the same time on a dating site, it is even quite normal, especially at the beginning. Thereafter, affinities will arise, there are members with whom you will feel a feeling to develop and others not at all, until finally, if all goes well, you find THE person you were looking for.

In the phase during which you contact a first selection of people who potentially interest you, it is necessary to organize, just to find your way around a bit and not to make mistakes. You can, for example, make small files and note for each person contacted the important elements concerning them.

Multiplying your chances without dispersing

Continuing from the previous point, the question of the number of people to contact arises. As so often, the truth is in the middle. Indeed, to say that we are going to contact a maximum of “targets” can be a big mistake. After a while, we no longer know who we are talking to, who has already told us what, what information concerns which person, etc.

The discussions are then no longer intense, the interlocutor risks getting upset, and our possible future half evaporates in nature, or rather in the limbo of the Web. Conversely, betting everything on one person can also lead to disappointments.

We then risk idealizing this person and if the exchange or meeting does not work, we tell ourselves that we have lost a lot of time for plums. The ideal is therefore probably to exchange with a reduced selection of profiles that interest us greatly.

Write your messages well

You’re not Flaubert? It is probably not very serious. On the other hand, sending to your contacts expeditious messages full of French faults is a very bad point.

Take the time to read it again before sending. Write more than ordinary things like “Are you okay?” “(Or worse:” Are you okay? “). If the people you talk to have a minimum of self-esteem and high standards, they will appreciate that you take the time to write a few lines at least, that you take pains for them.

Take his time

The people you are going to talk to may want to feel that your interest is serious and sincere. Do not request an appointment after two emails, unless it has been enough to convince both of you that you have huge affinities.

Do not show that you are in a hurry to meet people, it can scare the other person a little, and this for several reasons: they can be shy or even dread having to do with someone chaining amorous conquests.

In the same spirit, it is recommended to reveal yourself little by little, to stimulate the curiosity of the other, not to deliver him all his life in a long message which would take more the appearance of a novel. This will only make you more interesting.

Prepare for the actual meeting

Thanks to the dating site you have chosen, you are creating something strong with a man or a woman who should please you a lot and it is therefore very logical that you are now thinking of the real meeting, at the meeting you that you are going to organize and that could prove decisive for your love life.

Without having to put enormous pressure on your shoulders – you have to stay natural, remember to prepare well for this moment. If you are not comfortable speaking, for example, think a little bit about what you are going to say, so as not to be embarrassed during the meeting. You can also think about what you are going to wear, where you can choose, etc. Having thought about these questions beforehand will allow you to be more relaxed when the time comes.


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