Visiting A Sex Store: 4 Tips When Discussing The Topic
Visiting a sex store in Singapore should not be deemed as a shameful act or something embarrassing because of your misguided beliefs and ideas. On top of that, there is nothing wrong with putting a premium on your sexual health and pleasure. If you wish to discuss this topic with your friends or anyone you know, let us break the stigma and explore these helpful tips:


Let us face it: Not everyone wants to hear about the latest male masturbator in the market or how partnered individuals can elevate their experiences with the use of toys. However, it does not mean steering clear from this topic of health & wellness because adults need to discuss them. What you can do is be gradual when talking about this topic. For instance, you can start with small details and dive deeper if your friends are interested. Another is to be sensitive to people’s needs and always think before you speak.


Now going to the perspective of the listeners or the people hearing about a sex store or one particular brand named LELO, for example, what they should do is never judge people for their ideas and input about pleasure and wellness. Why? That is how you start breaking the stigma and encouraging everyone else to do the same. On top of that, there is no need to share anything if you do not have experience. Besides, this is the opportunity to ask questions and learn more from those who know.


There is no need to become an expert as if you are a sales personnel from a sex store or know the features of a TENGA Flip toy because you wish to help your friends. Instead, always be ready to offer a helping hand to those you know, such as someone seeking recommendations or a friend who is new to sex and pleasure. Here, there is no need to go out of your way because even the smallest things count!


Learning about sex toys and other pleasure items does not mean purchasing and using them for yourself. When you learn more about the topic or engage in discussions, it means you are contributing to breaking the stigma and encouraging people to practise safe and healthy sex. In short, always welcome new knowledge and open your mind! is a sex store in Singapore that welcomes everyone to explore their sexual health and pleasure preferences. Visit their website to learn more, or drop by one of their retailers. 


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