Why Do Couples Shy Away From Discussing Their Sex Life

Sex is difficult to ignore, it is everywhere on tv, In magazines, in fashion, etc. Sex is depicted in nearly every environment and it is a wonder that couples still shy away from discussing their sex lives. 

When it comes to talking about sex, for some people the word ‘sex’ alone is more than enough to make them feel embarrassed. The act of sexual intercourse is extremely intimate and causes people to feel vulnerable and uneasy. 

However, it is one thing to shy away from discussing your sex life with strangers but it should be the complete opposite with your partner. 

Why Couples Avoid Sex Conversations

One of the frequent conversations that should be discussed by couples is their sex life. It is an important relationship skill that helps improve their whole relationship. It feels more natural to talk about sex before performing the act but after the act then it becomes awkward. Couples shy away from discussing their sex lives because:

Religious Beliefs

The religious beliefs of couples are one of the most common reasons why couples shy away from sex talk. People who grew up in a strict religious home usually have problems talking about their sex lives because of what has been indoctrinated onto them from childhood.

Experience from Previous Relationships

Some individuals have been in relationships where they were mocked or disregarded by their partners for talking about their wants in bed and their sexual fantasies. This has caused them to avoid any and all conversations sex-related conversations 

Personal Beliefs and Feelings

The personal beliefs and feelings of some people have made them avoid sex-related conversations. Maybe they feel irritated while talking about it or feel it is something that should not be said. 

Why You Should Discuss Your Sex Life With Your Partner 

Before engaging in sexual intercourse, you must have discussed with your partner, maybe about your fantasy or anything that comes up. However, in some cases, there may have been no prior discussion. Just pure chemistry and sexual urges. In both scenarios, after sex, the situation may become awkward and tense. No matter what the case maybe you need to discuss what transpired because:

  • You get to find out what you did wrong or right and how to better satisfy your partner in bed. 
  • Builds sexual intimacy between partners
  • Promotes a healthy and consistent sex life
  • It makes you happier
  • Since you have spoken about the previous experience, your desires, and wants, it gives you something to look forward to

Wrapping Up

You need to open up on your fantasies. This may be difficult to discuss because of fear of judgment, but do not allow that to hold you back. Talk about your fantasies with your partner, you never know your partner may have the same fantasies. Note that it is better to discuss your fantasies when you and your partner are aroused. Finally, create time to have a sex discussion. Pick a time when you and your partner are not in a hurry and preferably away from the bedroom. Visit https://www.jennasty.com/ to learn more and improve your sex life. 


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