Hotness in the Sex Videos Right Now

Whether to get out of the routine, to give warmth in the relationship and even to watch alone, these types of videos can be a good option.

Despite this, many women come to me with doubts such as “is it normal to like porn?”, “If my husband watches, is it because he doesn’t like me?”, “When does watching become an addiction?”.

If you also have these doubts, rest assured, because today, our chat will be exactly about this mega produced universe and, believe me, it is responsible for 30% of all the content accessed on the internet, moving up to R $ 400 billion a year. To get started, we have prepared two topics:

Why sex videos is so successful among men and women

What you can learn from porn

The idea is that you let go of all prejudices and clarify doubts related to erotic films, so that you can incorporate them into your sex life without worry and in a healthy way. Come on?

Why is sex videos so successful?

There is no doubt that the erotic swag 外流 sector is profitable. After all, few speak, many try to avoid the subject, but everyone does, right?

And that is exactly why there is an audience with different profiles and with different preferences to consume the products in this market.

The big “x” of the issue is privacy, and the major market players have already realized this need for consumption, so much so that, today, e-commerce deliver products to customers’ homes discreetly, without any indication of that these are erotic accessories, as well as motels, which use electronic service at the entrance and exit of customers, to make them feel more comfortable.

And this trend is not limited to motels and sex shops: the sex videos film industry has also adapted to meet the specific needs of its audience. Nowadays, there is no need to leave the house to rent these videos, since subscriptions with 24-hour content are available via the internet.

Sexual Fantasies

Another reason this type of film is successful is that many people have sexual fantasies with partners other than their own, or with certain situations that seem unlikely or impossible on a daily basis. For this reason, giving a “play” to the sex videos video is as if you had a passport to a world in which there is no shame, and, above all, there are no rules except the search for pleasure.

  • Therefore, being inspired by the sex videos video does not mean acting in bed neither to have the same performance as the actresses, nor to stop having real experiences to live in a fantasy world.

The cool thing about all this is living, and not being the spectator of stories produced and that are not yours. Be you, always, demonstrate what you are feeling and, most important of all, respect your limits and propose to do only what you feel comfortable with. This is the secret to enjoying the best that sex videos has to offer.


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