How to create a good profile in order to find love online.

If you put photos of yourself doing capoeira, you are more likely to attract girls who do capoeira, athletes, or who Brazil loves.

If you quote your favorite books, you are going to attract reading girls, intellectuals or with a certain sensitivity.

That is why it is important to have a clear profile of who you like, because this way you will know who you want to attract and therefore what you should communicate.

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A simple exercise that will help you a lot is listing five physical qualities (more external) and five more internal of someone you may like. And with that focus the profiles – people who fit it.

Increase your odds to be matched

You already have how to organize your profile and how to discard profiles that do not interest you or are not real. The next step is to increase the options that allow us to talk to whoever is on the other side.

Be it a match, a like etc. in many of the applications or websites they are organized in such a way that the other person gives me permission to speak.

Tinder is one of the most popular. If they don’t match you on tinder, this is your article. In addition, these tips can come in handy on other platforms and online chat rooms, since the dynamics between them are quite similar.

Now there are a few basic things:

  • Always put photos and try to be favored.
  • Write introductory message, well written and entertaining.
  • Take care of the messages you write, especially the spelling.

What to say to find a partner online

What I say and how I say it is one of the great difficulties that the vast majority of people have when trying to link and like others.

We are afraid of this exciting possibility of dating – flirting – partner to screw up and go blank or say nonsense.

That said, there are no magic phrases here. Those infallible and perfect phrases are not given that in any context will work (and whoever sells you that exists lies to you).

What does occur is that there are phrases and formulas that work much better than others, so here is a list of phrases to flirt on the internet that will undoubtedly increase your chances.

You will find up to a total of 50 phrases and formulas so that you do not run out of conversation.

To give you an idea of ​​where the shots go and already have phrases, here are some examples that I especially like:

Of course, these phrases can also be used face-to-face or on WhatsApp, and if you want everything to go much better on WhatsApp, take a look at our how to flirt on WhatsApp, in the most complete guide you’ll find on the net.

How to propose an appointment

If we want to find a serious partner at some point we will have to go face to face. Dating is the vehicle we have to check how much we like each other and see if we can have a stable relationship.

Now what we are going to look at are ways to make all of this flow.

It is an art to propose an appointment, so if you want to propose an irrefutable appointment follow the advice in this article where we try everything necessary to make better proposals that are more accepted and that increases the probability that we will have appointments.

Now remember the two main keys: honesty and making it easy.

With honesty we mean to clearly propose that we want to meet, get to know it and see how far we can get to like ourselves.

And with respect to making it easy that psychologically the person has easy to overcome that fear or shame to stay, because he values ​​that there will be more pleasure than nerves when accepting the appointment.

We tell you a couple that we love:

Playing at being tourists in our own city, many times we miss a lot of secret and different corners of our city that we do not know because we do not have someone to teach us.

Signing up for a tour guide can be very instructive and original to do as a first date.

Sneak into the pool of a hotel, if the girl is adventurous (and you too) go to a spectacular hotel, enter as if we lived there for a lifetime and go directly to the pool can be something very fun, stimulating and different.

You will have an afternoon of bikinis and laughter and a very cool memory.

We are already, we are already talking. Now you have to enjoy and see how compatible that person is, if everything goes well you will like each other and see where it takes you, and if not, read this article again and try again.


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